Nevada for Bonnie Bulla

Thank you to the more than 30 illustrious groups that have endorsed my campaign: thank you to the entire Nevada Law Enforcement Coalition, to the first responders, fire fighters' and veterans' groups, labor unions, and other civic organizations who support me! I am proud and grateful to accept your support to continue serving our state on the Nevada Court of Appeals.Even though my race will not be on the ballot until November, please exercise your right to vote in this June's Primary! Our state and local courts have a big impact on our everyday lives, and your vote is important to assure that quality judges are elected. I hope you will honor me with your vote in the General Election this NOVEMBER. #ExperienceMatters #TempermentMatters #COURTSMATTER

Posted by Retain Judge Bonnie Bulla, Nevada Court of Appeals on Monday, May 18, 2020